Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get Naked With Skinny Dipper Eve Kelly

While many of us like to spend our holidays splayed out by the hotel pool in a bikini bought specially for the occasion, others prefer to charge through the wilderness and strip down to their birthday suit before plunging into a natural version of a Jacuzzi.

The latter would be skinny dipper Eve Kelly.

“I try to find the World’s most beautiful, hard to reach swimming holes. There has to be an adventure involved to get there,” says Kelly. “If I don’t have some cuts and bruises and feel like coming back at least once the pay off is not going to be as great.”

Kelly is the host of ‘Skinny Dip’ (premiering on Travel + Escape Nov 18 at 10pm ET/11 pm PT). This Newfoundlander travels the world, in six episodes, accosting strangers and convincing them to bear all in a quest to find the ultimate naked swimming hole.

The show covers skinny dipping in the Yukon, Costa Rica, Australia, the Bahamas, British Columbia and New Zealand.

“They’re hidden gems,” says Kelly of her pool discoveries, “swimming holes that not just anyone could say they were going to.”

In the first episode of the series Kelly heads to the Yukon to splash around nude in 40 degrees celcius below. Not your idea of fun? Apparently most people in the Yukon agree.

“There were so many ‘no’s’ at first it was discouraging,” says Kelly. “It’s just me knocking on the door with a camera crew asking: ‘Do you want to join me on a skinny dip?’”

While this question left many taken aback, after days of recruiting Kelly found her group of guys and one girl, willing to travel into the bitter cold and risking freezing their extremities to shed their inhibitions in the wild – and see an attractive girl strip naked.

Before they take their naked plunge Kelly and her group ride dog sleds into the wilderness, ice fish and camp on the snow before pitching their heated tent and lining up bare bottomed to dive into the river that will cover their modesties. But, while the group’s joyous leaps and smiling faces after the plunge may sell you on skinny dipping, the show doesn't give you the details on how to recreate the trip for yourself.

Why will your holiday be improved by a naked plunge?

According to Kelly and the group of clothes shedders that follow her, it’s a way to let loose and release your inhibitions, and after days of trekking through the wilderness the chance of a wash would make anyone rejoice.

Iceland and Europe are next on intrepid traveler Kelly’s nude bathing radar, so don’t be shocked if a woman with a camera asks you to join her on a naked swim during your next trip to Reykjav√≠k.

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